What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

Auidence feedback within the media is essential for production companies, the reason for this is because producers need to know if they are doing well and if their audiences like their films. This is more suitable for Independant British Studios who do not have a good stake within the business. For my production, audience feedback throughout was important because I had to seek assistance from my peers in order to improve my short film for the final week in December 2012.    The feedbacks which are possible are on twitter/facebook  and vox pops. This shares our film throughout social networking and actually spreads the message of how good it is, and what others think about our film.

The strengths and weaknesses of my audience feedback is, we efficently used technology to promote our short film in order to know what the public are interested in terms of narrative and messages we explored. The narrative structure of my short film is unique which most people had said as we focussed on developing the central character’s personality, and encode his background which is very clear.

The following video is an example of the many questionnaires I asked to members of the public, and this is a sample.



“Brilliant, Cool and a shocking twist at the end…O.M.G!!” – HollieeAnn Eve; Associate Producer


“I like the way you have thought carefully about the character and given life to him unlike most of us” – Harry Bales






I have learnt that what I planned for my short film was actually enforced and this is a relief because the audience know it is a thriller and also the themes which they understand the central character.  However the weakenesses for my short film which you can refer to the blog post of

December 19th 2012!!!

If it was possible to show my short film in a cinematic atmosphere, and then I as the Producer along with Mehul come out to talk to the audience and they give us feedback for which you can see a variety of opinions in a discussion video. We would have applied this in the real world and spread it on Youtube in order to gain the attention of other production companies.

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How do you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation?

New technology has advanced throughout the ages and we are living in a highly globalised world in which the consumer has gained more power. The creation of smartphones such as the iPhone, Blackberry, Android phones are no longer used like they were in the past as we use them for socialising, taking photos and making films. The average individual who has no experience in directing or got no filmmaking qualfications can produce a film using technology which is of cinematic quality.

Change in Media Distribution & Exhbition

The advantages for Blueprint Pictures in distribution which we benefited from in order to distribute our short film was much easier.  The world is ever changing and we are now using the internet in a much different perspective.

youtube_1_1Web 2.0 which is the next dimension of the consumers use of the internet is greatly effective for exhbition for our short film. The reason for this is because the high resolution video quality allows you to experience the film as close as you would see it in the cinema. But the only problem is,  you cannot replicate fully the experienc of cinema in your own home, but High Definition technology can ultimatly enhance our short film.

vision_digital_switchover_hero          The switch from analogue to digital has changed Britain forever, as we will no longer watch T.V the same as the boring old 1950s.  Compared to the 21st Century, the 20th century was realtively boring because T.V did not have colour, it only had a few channels. London was the final location to be switched to digital as the technological developers wanted to test out the connection in other areas outside of London as the connection in London is much more efficent to sort out as we are the capital. Also it is a bigger location which needs more focus.

BBC iPlayer – This is something which has been created by the BBC that is unique and hasn’t been developed by any other institution. It is unhackable and all the T.V Programmes are protected, and if you download it to your PC, you won’t be able to access it if it is deleted from iPlayer as you need it available from the source.

Advantages it has brought to media producers and audiences

The advantages which it has brought to media producers within the film industry is, they have become more flexible in  order to make their product as powerful as they like.  Warner Bros Entertainment has used technology to the best of their ability, as the Harry Potter franchise is known to use as much special effects, visual effects, creature effects more than any film you will have seen to date.

Twitter is a platform which we as audiences all use to voice our opinions and as a film producer, I have taken great advantage of this in the construction of my Film Review because I shared the film on my twitter and it recieved many retweets and faviourites which is a huge advantage for the promotion of my short film.

The skills which I have gained throughout this with the use of technology such as Photoshop allowed me to be creative as I could manipulate images and be clever. The creative industries do this quite a lot and we as the audiences are fooled to accept that models on posters are perfect like that but I have through hindsight found out the secret because I used airbrusing to make my skin smooth.


The technology I have used this year has deffinatly unleashed my creativity and made me believe in myself that I have potential as a Film Producer who can actually from the basis

of film idea make my imagination come to life on the Big Screen.

In Retrospect, looking back in November 2012 as we started on this process and we were discussing creativity in our production groups. We were asked ourselves on where we would put ourselves on the creativity scale.


        1                             2                       3                           4                     5                 6                 7                 8                           9                             10

I placed myself at a 4 for creativity because I did not believe I was very creative, and felt I was the worst person to come up with an idea. The reason for this is because my peers have continously throughout my young days have put me down and said “Hamza you are crap!” “Hamza, you will get no where in life and just work in a Kebab shop”

But the whole Advanced Production has made me realise I am actually very creative and my imagination can lead me to make a lot of money within the film industry as Showbusiness is business and producers/Directors/Special Effects cinematographer etc however creative they might feel or proud that they are creative. They only care about their profit and money.

I put myself at a 8 today for creativity because I feel that I have progressed and I have realised my potential. This leads me on wanting to get into the film industry and unleash my creativity into the real world.

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How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

For the marketing of my short film, I as the Producer decided to take a traditional approach with the designing of the Film Poster, which is a final release theatrical poster which promotes the release of my short film.

     Short Film                                         My Short Film which is the Product I am producing for the audience will be screened at a nearby cinema, however a production company to effectively tell people about their film, it is promoted using a marketing campaign.

       Film Poster                                       This is the device or medium which we have used in order to promote my film, and as the poster is going to be placed on bill boards, cinema holdings to catch the audience’s attention, the detail of the film encodes the narrative of the film in symbols such as colour, images, text, background. Its purpose is to give a taste of the film but also let the enigma remain.        

      Film Review                                        A Film Review which I as the producer had allowed a film journalist from Little White Lies to write an article for my short film to be published in the May 2013 edition. This is an area of my marketing campaign which extends to different types of audiences, who don’t go to the cinema regularly or are indoors such as the elderly.  By endorsing Little White Lies to market my film gives me a chance to gain a variety of audience.

There are strengths and weaknesses for my marketing campaign, on how it engages the audience to be interested in our film and how it is limited and could not attract a maxiumum audience for maxiumum profit.

In my Arms - Film Poster


  •  The strengths are of how we planned and workshopped by analysing other Film Posters in great detail and gaining inspiration in how they construct messages to portray the film’s narrative.
  • Also, within my own film poster I create an enigma for the audience in constructing the narrative within the poster such as the red which symbolises danger. The dangerous characterisation of Louis Johnson.
  • Also, in terms of Little White Lies it gives the plot concisely and accuratly to the reader who want to find out more, this strength gives my film a great advantage as the more readers who will read this article will spread it amonst their friends which ultimatly gives me more box office hits when it will be released on 20th Nov 2013 which is specifically and clearly shown on my Film Poster


  • By taking a traditional approach to the marketing of my short film, it made me be limited, as I can’t put the same poster everywhere as it is only suitable for a holding in a cinema. But different places fit a different criteria of who would be interested. For example: If it goes on a London Bus, the poster has to be very simple and catch the audiences attention in 2 seconds. The reason for this is, members of the public as they are waiting for a bus might look at a poster on a bus as it stops across the road but don’t have time to look closely in order to be engaged and want to go and watch it when it is released.
  • I feel it was difficult for me to write the actual review because it was challenging to not use my own words when using adjectives as a reviewer for Little White Lies to fully emulate their style, I would have improved my review to fully fit into the style of Little White Lies if I had used more words which would have made it ‘intellectual’ as if it is an actual review for the Little White Lies Magazine edition.
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In what ways does your film use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of established & recognised films?

This is the end of Blueprint Picture’s process of making our first short film, and this is the evaluation stage of the whole process including Marketing and Distribution of my short film, which includes a press screening in which a reviewer from Little White Lies wrote an article for the Little White Lies Magazine.


My film product fits the conventions of a thriller film, while also fits into a pshychological drama as a sub-genre. The reason for this is because, the themes which my film explores are lonliness, guilt, confused, insanity and murder.

My short film is a resemblance of professional film product from the world of film, as Steve Neale who suggests that all films which are produced repeat genre conventions but are different in how they express the meaning in its own way. For example: The Thriller convention of the central character at the end of my short film who  slowly wears a pair of black gloves. This conveys to the audience a deeper layer of his character, and they were being tricked. The preferred reading I wanted to give the audience was that, they feel sorry for this character because he has lost someone very close to him and it will make them relate if anyone who is watching this film will understand what Louis Johnson is going through because they too might have seen death, in a way which is unimaginable as someone who is extremley close to them has died.

After analysing the twist at the end of my short film, I have noticed that my ending does not resemble most films produced by Hollywood or the British Film Industry. The reason for this is because the west dominates a hegemony in which all narratives for films, if you have  Light Vs Dark or Hero Vs Villain. At the end of the film, the hero will always succeed in defeating the villain. For example: In Sleeping Beauty which is a Walt Disney, the princess who has been cursed from birth to touch a point on a spinning wheel will die, but the good fairies manipulate the curse that she won’t die but will fall into a deep sleep which only her true love can awaken her.

There are two examples of films which do not enforce the Dominant Western Hegemony  which are Michael (2011) and the Last Horror Movie. 


These two films break Hollywood’s moral code as in Michael, the central character is a peodophile who locks up a 10 year old in his basement and has dinner with him. It is very strange and creepy, but the director of this film is very clever in how he portrays this man. Its a simple narrative of him locking up this young boy, preparing dinner for him every night and eats with him. This allows the audience to make judgements of what else might be happening and stirs the viewer’s imagination. For example: the narrative off camera we might judge him to be scaring the child, and taking his clothes off while he could be touching his body. All of this which we might imagine are the sterytypical peadophilia signs. But nothing actually happens on screen between the man and the young boy. At the end of the film, he isn’t caught and gets away with all that he might have done.

This shows us and is evident that it breaks the Hollywood’s moral code of the Dominant Western Hedgemony

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Ancilliary 2 – Film Review

In My Arms Review for Little White Lies

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Evidence of my Film Review

As I was going through the process of constructing my Film Review, and to keep a record of how I used these skills I took lots of screenshots to convey the message of what tools I used.


Click on the following link to have a look and unleash the process of my editing skills on photoshop for the Film Review.

Evidence for Little White Lies on photoshop


ENJOYYY!!! 🙂 xxx

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Draft of In My Arms Film Review

By Hamza Kazmi



Loss, deceit, confusion and insanity can lead a man in a terrible situation.. Will Louis Johnson be satisfied with what has happened?  Mehul Laxhman’s heartbreaking emotional thriller film hits cinemas this week.

Hamza Kazmi’s debut performance of In My Arms is terrific , taking the audience on an emotional journey full of twist and turns. This is a performance which will break many hearts. Laxhman manages to take the clitches of the genre and effectively produces something fresh, breaking thriller conventions. He and Producer Kazmi have thought carefully on how to construct each scene. At the beginning, we are astounded by some amazing cinematography of views of London. London is shown with a sense of realism unlike Erin Creevy’s recent portrayal of London in Welcome to the Punch which is unrealistic and exaggerates the beauty of London.

The central character’s convincing performance of engaging the audience with his feelings portrays many themes, such as loneliness, hurt, guilt. However a smart twist at the end teaches us how we shouldn’t fall for an obvious trap, as the soundtrack which might spark a doubt about the way you feel. It is best to always follow your natural instinct and not to suspend your disbelief too much.

At the end of the film, we are left wondering of what will happen to this character who led us astray.

Total Words: 225


Hamza Kazmi and his broken world were made for each other



Keeps you engaged throughout with slightly longer scenes which could have been shrunk down.


In Retrospect

Kazmi’s best is surely yet to come


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Little White Lies – Film Reviews

Oblivion, Evil Dead Vs. The Evil Dead, Love Is All You Need and Fuck For Forest are all brand new films which are being released this week, with Love Is All You Need and Fuck for Forest being released tommorow 🙂 The review for those films was published this afternoon at 14:39 and 14:46.

I was just browsing along the films and the special thing about Little White Lies which attracts the reader in reading their reviews is a still from the film which is purposfully picked out to engage you with the title of the film and the image. For example: In Love Is All You Need, the image clearly indicates and relates to a love story because the characters are all smiling.


This shows me that for my own review I need to pick out a image which will engage the reader’s attention. Also, the first woman I see is the young blonde at the extreme right of the photo, as she is the most attractive one.

Throughout all the film reviews which I have read on www.littlewhitelies.co.uk I have noticed a typical structure which I need to copy in order to emulate their style. For example:

Fuck For Forest starts off similarly to Love Is All You Need with a direct opening sentence which generalises the film, and usually comments on the main character.

The ‘Oblivion’ review states: “Tom Cruise goes all WALL-E-with-a-raygun in this neat, scorched-Earth sci-fi opus”


Love Is All You Need states “Frothy generic good times with Pierce Brosnan on undeniably charming form.”

However, as I am emulating the magazine edition style, the editors use a different style, for example: It is written in three columns, with the third column taking only less than half space which leaves space for the ratings system. The rating system at the end of the review after the name of the writer is absolutley essential. The reason for this is because Little White Lies is targeting a broad range of audience. One which like to read a review to gain an insight in how good the film might be, and another type of audience who do not want to sit down and read, and also use the ratings system to either help them decide to watch the film, and agree/disagree with the reviewer of his/her ratings.  But just have a look at the ratings which have been given and make a judgement using that information.

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Evidence for my updated film poster

I have completed my Film Poster using the feedback from my manager and I have sent it to his line manager who is the chief executive of Wanstead Media to approve it finally after I distribute it across the country on London Underground, buses, bill boards to raise awareness for my short film being released in November 2013.

Please click on the following link to open up the PDF file containing evidence on how I updated my poster in improving.

Evidence – remaking


In my Arms - Film Poster

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Little White Lies – Analysis of a existing film review

Little-White-Lies-UK-PosterWe first of all when being introduced to Little White Lies on Monday 18th March 2013 were shown how the British Independent Magazine design their product. They are a group of people who love both designing and films, so both of their passions for both areas are constructed and shown in this product.

Little White Lies is a bi-monthly magazine who publish a copy of their magazine twice every month, which is what bi-montly means.  They feature cutting edge writing, illustration and photography to get under the skin of the cinema – This is what they say about themselves.


My Studio’s next step in our Post-Production phase is to emulate the style of Little White Lies in reviewing my own short film ‘In My Arms’. We first of all looked closely at the text of 21 Jump Street, and it uses vocabulary which would engage the reader in wanting to watch the film. Also, it builds on the excitment for the new film which is being released as a film review is usually published before the release date to create an excitement for the audience to watch it.     

For example: “Much of the success of this 80s reboot relies on the chemistry between Hill and Tatum. Yet, while Hill delivers his panicky dweeb routine with gusto, its the comedic muscle flexed by his chisled counter-part that wins the day”

The bold words highlighted are specfic words which I want to draw your close attention. Film reviews usually are not written in simple english, the vocabulary which reviewers use fits the context of the film, but also the audience.

Audience is the most important aspect for a reviewer because after all, the magazine is being produced for an audience who will read the review and hopefully be filled with an excitement for the film.

The words ‘chemistry’ and ‘dweeb’ could easily be replaced by ‘Love’ and ‘idiotic’ but the writer purposefully uses these words because they are better in communicating the message further. ‘chemistry’ unleashes the imagination of the reader because we percieve their is something going between these two characters and we create our own plot for the film. It allows the reader to be more creative and make up their own idea of the relationship between characters and how they will develop.

‘dweeb’ is an unusal word for ‘idiot’, as it puts across the message that the reviewer is writing it in a comedic way. Further to convey the comedy of the film, the reviewer says “its the comedic muscle flexed by his chistled counter-part” this explains how Tatum is funnier for the audience who is better. This gives the reader an insight into both of the characters and they will now take the comments within the review and watch the film while thinking about what they read. This is another way in making your audience interested about your film.

Film Review – The Croods (22 March 2013)


This is the link to a brand new animated film which was released last Friday. It is a comedy adventure of the world’s first family as they pursue a journey after there cave which has sheilded them all their life is destroyed.

Matt Thrift; who is the reviewer is awfully rude about the film as the first words which the reader reads is

“Surprisingly awful, clichéd animated adventure

 – begs, borrows and steals from Avatar”

The last part of begs, borrows and steals from Avatar conveys to the audience that it is an animation feature film which has copied another film. But this reviewer in my opinion seems harsh because, you could say that no film is original and it is similar to another film, but Croods might gave got the inspiration for the story from Avatar, however the director/producer have adapted it to make it their original work.

 This reviewer puts too much of opinion about the film and not commenting more about the film, but not all of it is negative, Thrift comments positively on the artist who drew the images of the scenes, characters and states:

“We’ll never know the identity of the artist responsible for such extraordinary images, but we can be certain that whoever it was, he or she was in possession of a greater understanding of the potential of the moving image than the team responsible for The Croods, DreamWorks’ latest miserable attempt to zero in on the Pixar dollar.”

He refers to the images as extraordinary and attempts to insult the crew of the film saying they didn’t understand how to make a film and the artist was in ‘possession of greater understanding of the potential of the moving image” this indicates how he thinks the artist could be more experienced, and he likes the work he put into it. The word possess describes and creates an image in the reader’s head of how much better the reviewer is claiming the artist to be.

Finally, majority of Little White Lies film reviews end with a summary of what is good about the film. In the Croods, the reviewer states:

“The Croods is a lazy, shoddy endeavour, and its reliance on noisy set-pieces and pratfalls is never enough to paper over the woeful emptiness of the writing”  It will leave the reader feeling that they don’t want to watch the film but on the other hand, some people might be inclined to watch the film even more to see if the reviewer is right and in the end, they can like it and spread it by word of mouth of how good it is. That is another way for the production company to benefit from negative reviews, because intelligent readers will be intrigued to find out for themselves instead of believing some random reviewer on a website.


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