What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

Auidence feedback within the media is essential for production companies, the reason for this is because producers need to know if they are doing well and if their audiences like their films. This is more suitable for Independant British Studios who do not have a good stake within the business. For my production, audience feedback throughout was important because I had to seek assistance from my peers in order to improve my short film for the final week in December 2012.    The feedbacks which are possible are on twitter/facebook  and vox pops. This shares our film throughout social networking and actually spreads the message of how good it is, and what others think about our film.

The strengths and weaknesses of my audience feedback is, we efficently used technology to promote our short film in order to know what the public are interested in terms of narrative and messages we explored. The narrative structure of my short film is unique which most people had said as we focussed on developing the central character’s personality, and encode his background which is very clear.

The following video is an example of the many questionnaires I asked to members of the public, and this is a sample.



“Brilliant, Cool and a shocking twist at the end…O.M.G!!” – HollieeAnn Eve; Associate Producer


“I like the way you have thought carefully about the character and given life to him unlike most of us” – Harry Bales






I have learnt that what I planned for my short film was actually enforced and this is a relief because the audience know it is a thriller and also the themes which they understand the central character.  However the weakenesses for my short film which you can refer to the blog post of

December 19th 2012!!!

If it was possible to show my short film in a cinematic atmosphere, and then I as the Producer along with Mehul come out to talk to the audience and they give us feedback for which you can see a variety of opinions in a discussion video. We would have applied this in the real world and spread it on Youtube in order to gain the attention of other production companies.

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