How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

For the marketing of my short film, I as the Producer decided to take a traditional approach with the designing of the Film Poster, which is a final release theatrical poster which promotes the release of my short film.

     Short Film                                         My Short Film which is the Product I am producing for the audience will be screened at a nearby cinema, however a production company to effectively tell people about their film, it is promoted using a marketing campaign.

       Film Poster                                       This is the device or medium which we have used in order to promote my film, and as the poster is going to be placed on bill boards, cinema holdings to catch the audience’s attention, the detail of the film encodes the narrative of the film in symbols such as colour, images, text, background. Its purpose is to give a taste of the film but also let the enigma remain.        

      Film Review                                        A Film Review which I as the producer had allowed a film journalist from Little White Lies to write an article for my short film to be published in the May 2013 edition. This is an area of my marketing campaign which extends to different types of audiences, who don’t go to the cinema regularly or are indoors such as the elderly.  By endorsing Little White Lies to market my film gives me a chance to gain a variety of audience.

There are strengths and weaknesses for my marketing campaign, on how it engages the audience to be interested in our film and how it is limited and could not attract a maxiumum audience for maxiumum profit.

In my Arms - Film Poster


  •  The strengths are of how we planned and workshopped by analysing other Film Posters in great detail and gaining inspiration in how they construct messages to portray the film’s narrative.
  • Also, within my own film poster I create an enigma for the audience in constructing the narrative within the poster such as the red which symbolises danger. The dangerous characterisation of Louis Johnson.
  • Also, in terms of Little White Lies it gives the plot concisely and accuratly to the reader who want to find out more, this strength gives my film a great advantage as the more readers who will read this article will spread it amonst their friends which ultimatly gives me more box office hits when it will be released on 20th Nov 2013 which is specifically and clearly shown on my Film Poster


  • By taking a traditional approach to the marketing of my short film, it made me be limited, as I can’t put the same poster everywhere as it is only suitable for a holding in a cinema. But different places fit a different criteria of who would be interested. For example: If it goes on a London Bus, the poster has to be very simple and catch the audiences attention in 2 seconds. The reason for this is, members of the public as they are waiting for a bus might look at a poster on a bus as it stops across the road but don’t have time to look closely in order to be engaged and want to go and watch it when it is released.
  • I feel it was difficult for me to write the actual review because it was challenging to not use my own words when using adjectives as a reviewer for Little White Lies to fully emulate their style, I would have improved my review to fully fit into the style of Little White Lies if I had used more words which would have made it ‘intellectual’ as if it is an actual review for the Little White Lies Magazine edition.
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