In what ways does your film use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of established & recognised films?

This is the end of Blueprint Picture’s process of making our first short film, and this is the evaluation stage of the whole process including Marketing and Distribution of my short film, which includes a press screening in which a reviewer from Little White Lies wrote an article for the Little White Lies Magazine.


My film product fits the conventions of a thriller film, while also fits into a pshychological drama as a sub-genre. The reason for this is because, the themes which my film explores are lonliness, guilt, confused, insanity and murder.

My short film is a resemblance of professional film product from the world of film, as Steve Neale who suggests that all films which are produced repeat genre conventions but are different in how they express the meaning in its own way. For example: The Thriller convention of the central character at the end of my short film who  slowly wears a pair of black gloves. This conveys to the audience a deeper layer of his character, and they were being tricked. The preferred reading I wanted to give the audience was that, they feel sorry for this character because he has lost someone very close to him and it will make them relate if anyone who is watching this film will understand what Louis Johnson is going through because they too might have seen death, in a way which is unimaginable as someone who is extremley close to them has died.

After analysing the twist at the end of my short film, I have noticed that my ending does not resemble most films produced by Hollywood or the British Film Industry. The reason for this is because the west dominates a hegemony in which all narratives for films, if you have  Light Vs Dark or Hero Vs Villain. At the end of the film, the hero will always succeed in defeating the villain. For example: In Sleeping Beauty which is a Walt Disney, the princess who has been cursed from birth to touch a point on a spinning wheel will die, but the good fairies manipulate the curse that she won’t die but will fall into a deep sleep which only her true love can awaken her.

There are two examples of films which do not enforce the Dominant Western Hegemony  which are Michael (2011) and the Last Horror Movie. 


These two films break Hollywood’s moral code as in Michael, the central character is a peodophile who locks up a 10 year old in his basement and has dinner with him. It is very strange and creepy, but the director of this film is very clever in how he portrays this man. Its a simple narrative of him locking up this young boy, preparing dinner for him every night and eats with him. This allows the audience to make judgements of what else might be happening and stirs the viewer’s imagination. For example: the narrative off camera we might judge him to be scaring the child, and taking his clothes off while he could be touching his body. All of this which we might imagine are the sterytypical peadophilia signs. But nothing actually happens on screen between the man and the young boy. At the end of the film, he isn’t caught and gets away with all that he might have done.

This shows us and is evident that it breaks the Hollywood’s moral code of the Dominant Western Hedgemony

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One thought on “In what ways does your film use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of established & recognised films?

  1. Hamza – all 4 evlauations questions should be finished now. Work is being final assessed today.
    You alos need to ensure that your film review fibnal poster and link to film are on the blog. This should have been done already. This is urgent

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