Draft of In My Arms Film Review

By Hamza Kazmi



Loss, deceit, confusion and insanity can lead a man in a terrible situation.. Will Louis Johnson be satisfied with what has happened?  Mehul Laxhman’s heartbreaking emotional thriller film hits cinemas this week.

Hamza Kazmi’s debut performance of In My Arms is terrific , taking the audience on an emotional journey full of twist and turns. This is a performance which will break many hearts. Laxhman manages to take the clitches of the genre and effectively produces something fresh, breaking thriller conventions. He and Producer Kazmi have thought carefully on how to construct each scene. At the beginning, we are astounded by some amazing cinematography of views of London. London is shown with a sense of realism unlike Erin Creevy’s recent portrayal of London in Welcome to the Punch which is unrealistic and exaggerates the beauty of London.

The central character’s convincing performance of engaging the audience with his feelings portrays many themes, such as loneliness, hurt, guilt. However a smart twist at the end teaches us how we shouldn’t fall for an obvious trap, as the soundtrack which might spark a doubt about the way you feel. It is best to always follow your natural instinct and not to suspend your disbelief too much.

At the end of the film, we are left wondering of what will happen to this character who led us astray.

Total Words: 225


Hamza Kazmi and his broken world were made for each other



Keeps you engaged throughout with slightly longer scenes which could have been shrunk down.


In Retrospect

Kazmi’s best is surely yet to come


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One thought on “Draft of In My Arms Film Review

  1. the final review should be posted!

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