Little White Lies – Film Reviews

Oblivion, Evil Dead Vs. The Evil Dead, Love Is All You Need and Fuck For Forest are all brand new films which are being released this week, with Love Is All You Need and Fuck for Forest being released tommorow 🙂 The review for those films was published this afternoon at 14:39 and 14:46.

I was just browsing along the films and the special thing about Little White Lies which attracts the reader in reading their reviews is a still from the film which is purposfully picked out to engage you with the title of the film and the image. For example: In Love Is All You Need, the image clearly indicates and relates to a love story because the characters are all smiling.


This shows me that for my own review I need to pick out a image which will engage the reader’s attention. Also, the first woman I see is the young blonde at the extreme right of the photo, as she is the most attractive one.

Throughout all the film reviews which I have read on I have noticed a typical structure which I need to copy in order to emulate their style. For example:

Fuck For Forest starts off similarly to Love Is All You Need with a direct opening sentence which generalises the film, and usually comments on the main character.

The ‘Oblivion’ review states: “Tom Cruise goes all WALL-E-with-a-raygun in this neat, scorched-Earth sci-fi opus”


Love Is All You Need states “Frothy generic good times with Pierce Brosnan on undeniably charming form.”

However, as I am emulating the magazine edition style, the editors use a different style, for example: It is written in three columns, with the third column taking only less than half space which leaves space for the ratings system. The rating system at the end of the review after the name of the writer is absolutley essential. The reason for this is because Little White Lies is targeting a broad range of audience. One which like to read a review to gain an insight in how good the film might be, and another type of audience who do not want to sit down and read, and also use the ratings system to either help them decide to watch the film, and agree/disagree with the reviewer of his/her ratings.  But just have a look at the ratings which have been given and make a judgement using that information.

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