How do you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation?

New technology has advanced throughout the ages and we are living in a highly globalised world in which the consumer has gained more power. The creation of smartphones such as the iPhone, Blackberry, Android phones are no longer used like they were in the past as we use them for socialising, taking photos and making films. The average individual who has no experience in directing or got no filmmaking qualfications can produce a film using technology which is of cinematic quality.

Change in Media Distribution & Exhbition

The advantages for Blueprint Pictures in distribution which we benefited from in order to distribute our short film was much easier.  The world is ever changing and we are now using the internet in a much different perspective.

youtube_1_1Web 2.0 which is the next dimension of the consumers use of the internet is greatly effective for exhbition for our short film. The reason for this is because the high resolution video quality allows you to experience the film as close as you would see it in the cinema. But the only problem is,  you cannot replicate fully the experienc of cinema in your own home, but High Definition technology can ultimatly enhance our short film.

vision_digital_switchover_hero          The switch from analogue to digital has changed Britain forever, as we will no longer watch T.V the same as the boring old 1950s.  Compared to the 21st Century, the 20th century was realtively boring because T.V did not have colour, it only had a few channels. London was the final location to be switched to digital as the technological developers wanted to test out the connection in other areas outside of London as the connection in London is much more efficent to sort out as we are the capital. Also it is a bigger location which needs more focus.

BBC iPlayer – This is something which has been created by the BBC that is unique and hasn’t been developed by any other institution. It is unhackable and all the T.V Programmes are protected, and if you download it to your PC, you won’t be able to access it if it is deleted from iPlayer as you need it available from the source.

Advantages it has brought to media producers and audiences

The advantages which it has brought to media producers within the film industry is, they have become more flexible in  order to make their product as powerful as they like.  Warner Bros Entertainment has used technology to the best of their ability, as the Harry Potter franchise is known to use as much special effects, visual effects, creature effects more than any film you will have seen to date.

Twitter is a platform which we as audiences all use to voice our opinions and as a film producer, I have taken great advantage of this in the construction of my Film Review because I shared the film on my twitter and it recieved many retweets and faviourites which is a huge advantage for the promotion of my short film.

The skills which I have gained throughout this with the use of technology such as Photoshop allowed me to be creative as I could manipulate images and be clever. The creative industries do this quite a lot and we as the audiences are fooled to accept that models on posters are perfect like that but I have through hindsight found out the secret because I used airbrusing to make my skin smooth.


The technology I have used this year has deffinatly unleashed my creativity and made me believe in myself that I have potential as a Film Producer who can actually from the basis

of film idea make my imagination come to life on the Big Screen.

In Retrospect, looking back in November 2012 as we started on this process and we were discussing creativity in our production groups. We were asked ourselves on where we would put ourselves on the creativity scale.


        1                             2                       3                           4                     5                 6                 7                 8                           9                             10

I placed myself at a 4 for creativity because I did not believe I was very creative, and felt I was the worst person to come up with an idea. The reason for this is because my peers have continously throughout my young days have put me down and said “Hamza you are crap!” “Hamza, you will get no where in life and just work in a Kebab shop”

But the whole Advanced Production has made me realise I am actually very creative and my imagination can lead me to make a lot of money within the film industry as Showbusiness is business and producers/Directors/Special Effects cinematographer etc however creative they might feel or proud that they are creative. They only care about their profit and money.

I put myself at a 8 today for creativity because I feel that I have progressed and I have realised my potential. This leads me on wanting to get into the film industry and unleash my creativity into the real world.

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