Little White Lies – Analysis of a existing film review

Little-White-Lies-UK-PosterWe first of all when being introduced to Little White Lies on Monday 18th March 2013 were shown how the British Independent Magazine design their product. They are a group of people who love both designing and films, so both of their passions for both areas are constructed and shown in this product.

Little White Lies is a bi-monthly magazine who publish a copy of their magazine twice every month, which is what bi-montly means.  They feature cutting edge writing, illustration and photography to get under the skin of the cinema – This is what they say about themselves.


My Studio’s next step in our Post-Production phase is to emulate the style of Little White Lies in reviewing my own short film ‘In My Arms’. We first of all looked closely at the text of 21 Jump Street, and it uses vocabulary which would engage the reader in wanting to watch the film. Also, it builds on the excitment for the new film which is being released as a film review is usually published before the release date to create an excitement for the audience to watch it.     

For example: “Much of the success of this 80s reboot relies on the chemistry between Hill and Tatum. Yet, while Hill delivers his panicky dweeb routine with gusto, its the comedic muscle flexed by his chisled counter-part that wins the day”

The bold words highlighted are specfic words which I want to draw your close attention. Film reviews usually are not written in simple english, the vocabulary which reviewers use fits the context of the film, but also the audience.

Audience is the most important aspect for a reviewer because after all, the magazine is being produced for an audience who will read the review and hopefully be filled with an excitement for the film.

The words ‘chemistry’ and ‘dweeb’ could easily be replaced by ‘Love’ and ‘idiotic’ but the writer purposefully uses these words because they are better in communicating the message further. ‘chemistry’ unleashes the imagination of the reader because we percieve their is something going between these two characters and we create our own plot for the film. It allows the reader to be more creative and make up their own idea of the relationship between characters and how they will develop.

‘dweeb’ is an unusal word for ‘idiot’, as it puts across the message that the reviewer is writing it in a comedic way. Further to convey the comedy of the film, the reviewer says “its the comedic muscle flexed by his chistled counter-part” this explains how Tatum is funnier for the audience who is better. This gives the reader an insight into both of the characters and they will now take the comments within the review and watch the film while thinking about what they read. This is another way in making your audience interested about your film.

Film Review – The Croods (22 March 2013)

This is the link to a brand new animated film which was released last Friday. It is a comedy adventure of the world’s first family as they pursue a journey after there cave which has sheilded them all their life is destroyed.

Matt Thrift; who is the reviewer is awfully rude about the film as the first words which the reader reads is

“Surprisingly awful, clichéd animated adventure

 – begs, borrows and steals from Avatar”

The last part of begs, borrows and steals from Avatar conveys to the audience that it is an animation feature film which has copied another film. But this reviewer in my opinion seems harsh because, you could say that no film is original and it is similar to another film, but Croods might gave got the inspiration for the story from Avatar, however the director/producer have adapted it to make it their original work.

 This reviewer puts too much of opinion about the film and not commenting more about the film, but not all of it is negative, Thrift comments positively on the artist who drew the images of the scenes, characters and states:

“We’ll never know the identity of the artist responsible for such extraordinary images, but we can be certain that whoever it was, he or she was in possession of a greater understanding of the potential of the moving image than the team responsible for The Croods, DreamWorks’ latest miserable attempt to zero in on the Pixar dollar.”

He refers to the images as extraordinary and attempts to insult the crew of the film saying they didn’t understand how to make a film and the artist was in ‘possession of greater understanding of the potential of the moving image” this indicates how he thinks the artist could be more experienced, and he likes the work he put into it. The word possess describes and creates an image in the reader’s head of how much better the reviewer is claiming the artist to be.

Finally, majority of Little White Lies film reviews end with a summary of what is good about the film. In the Croods, the reviewer states:

“The Croods is a lazy, shoddy endeavour, and its reliance on noisy set-pieces and pratfalls is never enough to paper over the woeful emptiness of the writing”  It will leave the reader feeling that they don’t want to watch the film but on the other hand, some people might be inclined to watch the film even more to see if the reviewer is right and in the end, they can like it and spread it by word of mouth of how good it is. That is another way for the production company to benefit from negative reviews, because intelligent readers will be intrigued to find out for themselves instead of believing some random reviewer on a website.


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