Feedback for my Poster

Picture 027

The first initial mark I recieved for my Poster through the Mark scheme which the Marketing Manager showed me is a Level 2 Mark 4/10.

Hopefully, once I improve it using his comments…it shall go up by 3 marks and I feel I shall recieve 7/10 for my Poster depending on what the chief executive at Wanstead Media believes…she might feel its 9/10 or 6/10. I have no say over that. But I’m sure you will like it 😀
















The last words which are cropped off the page due to the scanner not reading it, and the A3 sheet being too big says “IMAGE CLEARLY CROPPED AND NOT BLENDED IN PROPERLY”

Picture 029            

Picture 028

As you are aware that when a production studio develops a poster to release and raise awareness for its marketing campaign, it has to be approved by someone who is an expert of what a Film Poster for a specific film should contain. My Poster has to encode the narrative of the film while also creating an enigma for the audience which will engage them in purchasing their tickets to go watch In My Arms at the cinema for when it is released in November 2013.

The Marketing Manager gave me back my film poster with annotations as you can see above which are his comments on what should be improved. For example: spelling errors which I might not have neccessirly detected, layout of elements such as logos, the credit block which is unformatted and it has to follow a specific convention of specific jobs in specific areas.

When I had a scheduled meeting with him on Friday 22nd March 2013 at 14.00,  he mentioned to me the poster shows me as a younger with a baby face of myself, while the character of Laura in the sky is too happy. The tagline of “To the well organised mind, death is but the next adventure”  is very misleading as she is smiling in the clouds which implies she is happy to be dead and watch over him.

So I shall update you on how I improved my Poster and used my manager’s feedback to make sure I my marketing campaign makes a huge impact for the audience.

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