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Film Magazine Research

There are a number of film magazines which I have been researching who review British films or general global films in Hollywood and around the world.

Empire Magazine – They are known to be the leading film magazine on the planet! They have a magnificent reputation within the film industry as producers of production companies would love to get their film reviewed by Empire Magazine, as according to the Guardian’s figures of magazines in the UK. They have an average 777 readers on print magazine every month, while online it is 314. This shows that Empire is quite successful because it has a greater circulation figure. Films which are reviewed by Empire must be very lucky because even though you might think, it is still a small number,it still makes a difference yearly and you also have to take into account, word of mouth of a good film which could spread like wildfire.


empire spiderman1. What sort of films do they cover?

Empire covers all types of films in their reviews as they are the leading magazine and will review a variety of genres, the reason for this is because they are deep within the film industry and will review a film before it is released as all Producers in Hollywood, British Film Industry contact Empire before any other magazine because they know, there film will receive a massive amount of attention from them.

Action, Adventure,  Crime, Drama,  Fantasy,  Family – These are some of the genres which I have come across in films which they review, for example:

Oz the Great and Powerful

Welcome to the Punch

Jack the Giant Slayer

All of these films are mixed genres, as this is purposefully decided because the production company want to maximize audience, for all the three different genres for the specific film.

2. Who are they aimed at?

I just mentioned in the previous sentence how production companies want to maximize audience which is the reason why they do not focus on just one genre but want to gain interest from a variety of different people who love the three different genres or even both of the Hybrid genre. Empire is a world leading magazine which is specifically produced for any type of reader, because they are global. I know this from reading some of their reviews on the website and the language they use is suitable for all readers with simple and effective words which convey the message of the reviewer. For example: In the review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II which was published in July 2011 when the film was released, the language is simple for an audience who might not be a film literate and who might necessarily not understand film jargon. For example in Harry Potter it states:

” this may be based on only half a book but it has a mountainous plot to climb” – It conveys to the reader that the plot/story of the film will get exciting as the film progresses and it will be awesome. The words ‘mountainous’ suggests to the reader how the audience will feel they are being taken up a mountain which at its peak will make us feel exciting about the ending and when it will finish, we will be buzzing with awe and wonder after the epic finale of Lord Voldemort’s death and Harry ending this evil dark wizard, and he grows up to have a family who are also going off to Hogwarts which portrays that there story has ended and now it is up to their children to carry on the story………………………………………

……………………………that is only if there are any more films which I doubt there would be because J.K Rowling isn’t writing anymore Harry Potter novels or as we might say, she won’t be writing Albus Severus Novels from the point of Harry’s favorite son naming him after two great Headmasters of Hogwarts.

Another example is from Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful

This review also used sweet, simple and effective language to engage the reader in following the story. For example:

“Franco’s grin and charm help a potentially hateful character skate by, as the would-be wizard discovers an urge to live up to the trust put in him by his naive companions” – taken straight from the reviewer Kim Newman who gives the reader an insight and slightly reveals character motives. However, she keeps the suspense and will not give too much away. A reviewer must be aware not to give the whole story away which might spoil it for the audience, because the aim is to engage the audience in wanting to watch the film. The purpose of a review is which is what I will need to be aware of is that it is something which will intrigue the reader and be excited to watch the film.

I after watching the trailer of Oz the Great and Powerful decided to look online and I found a screening to watch it online for FREE 😀

I warn you to NOT REPORT ME! otherwise I shall come after you!!!! The reason I am an audience who knows how to access films via the internet is because technology has well advanced which allows us to this, but the production company/ state has a difficult job of stopping people like me from screening it online because YOU CANNOT REGULATE THE INTERNET!!

How successful are they?

In terms of the Empire Magazine, the circulation figures I found out is a graph from March 2011 – June 2012. (

You can see through the graph that in June 2011, Empire  decreases from 78 million and 2000 readers to 74 million and 5000. That was a heavy fall but then it started to increase until the following year June 2012 to approx 80million readers. This shows the great amount of popularity and how films being reviewed by Empire would have a great amount of audience to watch their film. –

This link gives an insight into statistics of the success for Empire, for example: They are the world’s leading magazine. It dominates the world’s film market with over 70% circulation share across the globe, and it has over 57,000 subscribers. If you are well aware of films through Empire, then you will know more than anyone in the industry because Empire are embedded in the film industry.

 How would you describe the magazine identity style?

 I would describe the identity style to be bold and attract the reader as soon as you might see it in a shop. It has a unique and distinct look as every edition wilfollow the similar techniques. For example: Thcoverrough the image above and the new edition which shows Iron Man 3, it contain the style of the title and exact same location, the cover is adapted to suit the best film which lots of people are aware of and to advertise it effectively before the reader even opens it.



Sight and Sound – British Film Institute

Sight and Sound  is an Independant international film magazine which reviews all types of films. They are a investor for production studios as they took over the UK Film Council in June 2011 when the government cut the funding, and the part of the funding went to the BFI.

The target audience for the British Film Institute is the older age brackets of 30 – 45 as the type of films contains documentry style films, or themes which wouldn’t be interesting to teenagers and young people. A film such as Iron Man 3 OR Pirates of the Caribbean is aimed at the mainstream cinema audience which are young people.

They are averagly successful which can be seen through the way they market themselves which is through films they invest in, and many audiences will read their reviews if they are interested in the film which they have invested in, and want to find out more about it.

Total Film

Total Film is another company which is greatly successful like Empire, and are a competition for Empire. I have judged this through when I visited their website and the title of their website is a slight copy of Empire. This indicates that they are ambitious in becoming more successful than Empire, and using their style with an adaptation to ensure readership so readers will think that the reviews in their magazine are of high quality, and good insight into films than Empire.

Films which are reviewed on Total Film is different to the style of how it is reviewed in Empire, for example: Welcome to the Punch which was released on 16th March 2013 is rated differently in both magazines. Empire’s Dan Jolin has rated it 4 Stars, while the reviewer in total film who is not named has rated it 3 stars. That is the opinion of the reviewer and doesn’t neccessirly mean the film is bad, but it allows the reader who will read both reviews to make their own judgement using the review itself of why the reviewer has rated it.

So my aim for my own review of In My Arms is to rate my film using the rating system of Little White Lies, which is:

Anticipation, Enjoyment and In Retrospect, with a rating out of 5. This will allow the audiece to look at the rating, make a judgement before they read the review to why it is given those specific ratings and the review which will explain why it might be enjoyable, and good to see. The final decision lies with the reader of whether he/she should watch my film or not.

Both magazines review the film in a good manner, however it can be seen that Empire is tied within the film industry because they include the trailer of the film, and a clear concise structure. I have learnt to actually follow a structure in introducing an opening line which will engage the reader.

 ScreenTrade Magazine (

 We are very fortunate to have a specialist in the feild who has specifically come into help us write our reviews as we are beginner film journalists. First of all on the 22nd March 2013, I took part in a workshop which was led by this amazing specialist film journalist from MovieVortex who gave us ideas and insight in how reviews are written. We looked at specific reviews from Empire, Sight and Sound,

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