Film Poster Construction

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen!!  This is the first draft for my Film Poster blog bringing you my construction of the Poster which shall be released to cinemas and buses, London Underground to maximise awareness for my short film in order to gain the maximum audience to view my short film so I can make MONEY!!!! ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh 😉    😛

Please click on the following link to open up the PDF file which contains:

  • stages from the beginning of construction of my Film Poster
  • Screen shots annotating of what I did and
  • Before/After screen shots showing you how I used the tools to bring about the desired design for my Film Poster.

This video which I searched on youtube as I wanted to smooth my skin for my film poster as I had a shave which was showing a lot of stubble and roughness. In order to make myself look ‘attrative’ 😉 as  you can say, I made my skin smooth in order so there is an attraction for the audience when they look at the actor.

Most film posters have hot guys in order to attract the female audience, and I obviously am a very good looking actor who has a huge fanbase of teenage girls, most of which who love to see me on the BIG SCREEN. So I must keep my reputation with the ladies and once they will look at my poster on the underground or on buses, they will make sure they buy their tickets to watch my film.

Evidence of Film Poster – Construction Part 1

Enjoy reading of the fine masterpeice! Hope you like my final design which in a couple of days shall be printed for All to seee……

Excitng stuff 😉


There is one Film Poster which I was inspired by in order to base my basic convention of telling the narrative within the Poster as that is the purpse of the Poster.

Lovely Bones is a film about a young girl who was murdered, and she is re-telling the story of her murder. The base line of this idea is similar to my film as Laura is dead and it is a film of either guilt/emotion for the character of Louis, so the sense the poster will give that is she is in heaven by having her face smiling from within the clouds (representing heaven)




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