Feedback for my inital posters

Welcome back to my film poster designs! It has been a long time since we last interacted with each other! I was busy drafting my film posters and recieving initial feedback for my designs and I can assure you, that was a difficult process. Esspecially as I am not good at art and have never been. There is some talent which you are good at such as Acting like myself, but I cannot draw to save my life…it is unfortunate that I do not have that talent in which people get amazed when they go into an Art gallery. 

But oh well, lets get back to my initial draft of my poster and the feedback I recieved 😀  

I produced two film posters on paper which you can see from the previous blog, and I made a questionnaire for people to fill out in order for me to know the response of the audience for my short film. This is an essential part of marketing as you must know the interest of the audience and how to target your audience.

I went out and handed by questionnaire with a photocopy of my draft Film Poster to members of the public to ask them what poster they like, and a set of breif questions on what do they think when they look at the poster.

Picture 025

This questionnaire I got the best feedback, whereas when I asked my peers within the institution of WansteadMedia such as Rej or Saif, they either gave me attitude of ‘ahh its long man’ or Rej filled it out poorley and didn’t give me any sort of feedback, and wrote one comment as ‘go away’. How pathetic don’t you think? You would assume that if your a passionate filmmaker, you would be interested in giving feedback to another Producer for his film but both Saif and Rej just didn’t care.

Mark Cook who is a professional film journalist and a film poster enthusiast who loves collecting film posters. He has inspired me to do the same, so whenever I will now visit the cinema I will literally before the screening begins ask for the poster from the bill board and start compiling a collection of film posters 😛

Well, he liked the second design of my poster which contains the dark font of the title, and correctly identified the themes of the film.

In order for improvements, he wrote down in the questionnaire:

” Keep it simple, effective and elegant”

and Also, he mentioned to me how the film poster when I will construct it in photoshop to design the font of the title, and include a background image which will be simple but effective in catching the eye of the audience.

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