Marketing of In My Arms – Target Audience, Concepts

I was thinking about the target audience of my film at Pre-Production when I was thinking of an idea as a short film, and decided to aim it at adults who might not be greatful for what they have, however this has changed since I developed my idea throughout the whole process.

There are three different types of possible audiences a production studio needs to take into account, they must have:

  • Primary Audience ( This is the audience which is their main focus because of the interests which the demographics of this sector might have)
  • Secondary Audience (Audience who are primarily not the main focus but will also be attached to the main audience members and who will watch it because the main audience members have told people about them.
  • Tertiary Audience  (Audience who are not the focus of the company, however will be interested because they watch all types of films due to their professional background, or interest in short films/genre of film) This type of audience are extra to the other two types of audiences.

Primary target audience for In My Arms are people aged between 15 – 30 which is a wide range of people, but this is the age groups who would understand my film and make them consciously think about situations which they have been in themselves.


There are three concepts which I discovered my film falls into.

1. Love Tragedy

2. Loss of hope in life

3. Desire of another chance.

I as the senior management of my company have decided I will focus on Love Tragedy as my main campaign focus because it slightly indicates the twist without giving it away, as it will make the audience question what could be the tragedy?

Also, it is something which I can design to encode the narrative within the poster using different poster techniques of which I was inspired from my research of different posters such as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II.

 I will design one poster which will be final to be printed and put outside the British Film Institute Academy which screens most short films, so the general public who might want to watch films can do at a special screening at BFI events.

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