Distribution of Film Product

The Studio as you may know is called Blueprint Productions which has produced In My Arms πŸ™‚

My Film’s funding came through an organization called Wanstead Media who gave us the opportunity to use their equipment since I began this company until now when I am ready to market this film. They didn’t give me any money however, but only let me use their equipment/resources to produce this film.

I as the Producer of the company decided that we ourselves shall distribute the film and promote it so the audience know about it to go and watch it at a screening of short films.

As we have produced a Film Short, it works in a different way to the normal feature films which we regularly see at the cinema, short films are usually distributed online via YOUTUBE and promoted using social network sites such as Twitter/Facebook.facebook


I would distribute my film using social media as that is where the mass audience is, as once I post a ‘tweet’ on twitter, it will be watched by my 300+ followers who maybe 7 people ‘re tweet’ the link which will pass my tweet on more followers for each of those 7. One of those 7 will have 1,567 followers or another could have 5,235. News or promotion is extremely effective on Twitter because messages are passed within minutes of posting.

That is the power of Web 2.0!!

For Distribution and Exhibition of my short film, I need to market it to raise awareness as if the audience do not know about my film, they wouldn’t know or be aware of it to watch it.

I am going to produce a Press and Publicity kit for this Post Production stage for my film. I will create a poster to advertise my film which will go out to raise awareness and a film review.

Press Kit

The Press Kit is important because it contains important information such as:

  • Name of Film and Director
  • Cast and Crew Details
  • Length
  • Year of Production
  • Original format
  • Country of Origin region
  • Logline

This is my short film which I will start to market and distribute to my audience!


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