Peer Review

Yesterday, my contemporaries and my company all came together to watch our films and give feedback on what they like about our narrative structure, mise-en-scene and how we constructed it to suit our film, interesting camera shots which are creative and editing style as well as the twist at the end.


Majority of our audience understood the basic storyline and it was generally clear as they felt sorry for the central character because they understood that someone has died and he misses them, and then there was an enigma during the conversation because they didn’t understand fully what was going on.

They loved the ending, Hollie Ann Eve who is one of my contemporary producers for Perfect Pictures said “I understood and got as soon as he wore the gloves and took the t-shirt out which was stained in blood that he murdered his girlfriend and I understand what his conscience was trying to say”


Most of my fellow peers liked the camera work, and especially liked the London Sights as it was done realistically however, it does seem like that I am not on the ground. For example: The way I am really close to Big Ben, then go up seems like I am in the sky on a helicopter. Everyone loved the ending shot in which the washing machine opens and the audience are seeing me throw the t-shirt on the screen for a BLACKOUT! Rejawan went “Chaaayyeeezz” at the end once the film finished.


A lot of people said, it is cleverly crafted and you do not notice it, which means we achieved the continuty effect of the editing in which the film flows as one.


The sound at the beginning of the film shocks the audience and makes you sit up to watch the film, as it engages the audience. This was our purpose, however it could be edited in order to make the ending of the film be more sinister.


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