Editing – Titles within Intro sequence

The titles for the intro sequence which will introduce the whole film and the peolple who were involved in the production process as well as the Casting.

It will start with the Producer which is me as I am the management of the whole company who has been there since the company was set up in March 2012 with our first ever initial product Wanstead Media gave us to produce a 2 min Opening to a Thriller Film.

Producer: Hamza Kazmi > Director: Mehul Laxhman > Cinematogropher: Alia Nagyi

The screen shot below is the Editing of the title itself in which it contains the name of the Director: Mehul Laxhman. The window that you can see open is called the ‘Inspector’ which shows all the options for the video, title and text. It is the area of Final Cut which is the central control room to change some of the settings.


Title editEditing Titles 

  This small screen shot which you can see is the primary timeline which includes the text of the Director’s name is shown on the purple strip which is above the video. This will appear in the area of film in which it is set out across.




UPDATE – 10th January 2013

 There was a new staff member at Wanstead Media who is a film journalist who has experience within Post Production of a film, and as we didn’t have a studio meeting with him, however as I was editing and finishing off in the New Year because I only needed to improve my short film a subtle amount to enhance it and he had a look at the whole film and gave me small feedback to make it better.

He showed me a clip of the following intro sequence for Panic Room and thought I was achieving what they had achieved and advised me that I should construct the titles like theirs going in order of:

Name of Studio > Title of Film > Main Cast > Cinematogroher > Producer > Director



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