Re-shoot completed

We took on the advice which I referred in my previous blog of the problems I and my production company had come across.

To evaluate our day of filming on the 13th December 2012 was the conversation felt easier as my acting was more effective in the scene, and also we decided as we had time so thought of shooting some scenes again even though, we might feel that they were good. It is always better to have a variety of shots.

We had created two endings in which we could show the twist, was one in which I take the shirt with blood stained and throw it into the washing machine which shows a point of view in which the audience is within the washing machine.


Me walking out of the house, getting into my car and driving off to dump a bloody knife to get rid of any evidence that I am the murder.hand-holding-bloody-knife-144e150


Both of these endings would show the twist but again, the latter would be too literal and it seems like I am informing the audience “I AM THE MURDERER” and thinking of them as stupid who might not get it. So we decided to end it with me throwing the blood-stained top in the washing machine.


It is fully over and now next week I am scheduling to complete the editing of my short film. Very soon, it shall be released digitally on Youtube for the eyes of the public.

See you soon and Take Care šŸ˜€ xx

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