Editing 2nd Update – Week 3rd Dec – 6th Dec

 I have been working extremely hard over the past week to get this editing done quick and I officially finished my timeline, in which all my desired footage and scenes for my short film is on the primary timeline. Now all I need to do is fine tune all my editing to make it ‘Continue’

Continuity Editing is when you do not notice that the film has been edited. You don’t notice the cuts between different shots. For example: As soon as I switch on the lights with my hand, it suddenly moves to a shot with my arm behind me and then I move forward. The transition between the close up of the light switch to me standing in front of the switch and walking over to the sink  ‘continually’ flows.

Conversation Ending This screen shot to the left of the screen shows the scene in which Louis Johnson who is talking to his conscience, building up the sympathy for the character who is upset about Laura. He actually blames Louis, but Louis shifts the blame to Laura indicating that it might have been her fault cos she maybe didn’t want to change, and he made his best effort to make her happy.

I worked with this dialogue to make it look like it is a natural conversation. For example: I clicked on the clip and did as follows:

Clip > Detatch Audio

The audio then suddenly splits from the main storyline and you see it separate as a green audio clip. This allows me to move the audio clip to place it in a shot where the camera is still placed on the actor who is quite and straight cuts to the person who is talking. This gives a realistic conversation impression in which you hear the reply slightly before it cuts to the character on screen.

I also noticed that at this point, when I played it back from a certain point my mouth was moving with no sound, so I learn to sync the audio by dragging the clip inwards which makes it line with the green audio clip. This prevents the audience from seeing my mouth move without no sound, that does look strange when you see that on News Sometimes, and you deffintly know that BBC or Sky have not edited this property. I notice editing errors in TV more because I know how to spot them and clearly see where the editors has made a mistake. It gets me into trouble because those who don’t have my experience, get angry saying “Just watch the bloody film, I don’t care about their editing mistakes” It makes me feel proud that I have this exceptional skill which others should be jealous of :p hehehe xx



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