Editing Day 1 – 27th November 2012

Welcome back to our update on the Editing Process!!!

Behold…! Blueprint Productions editing process :p

At the beginning of editing, we have an empty timeline in which all the footage is sorted in the “Event Library”

The clever most important element of Final Cut is before I edit and choose footage for my film, all the footage we do have needs to be sorted out into “Faviourite” clips, ‘Rejected’ clips and specific events such as ‘House’ ‘London’ , in order for it to be easier for my company to choose footage without us searching for hours wasting our valuable editing time. It is an effective way to be organised.

Sorting clips 

This as you can see is a screen shot of the Event Browser. All these shots are being shown of London as they are specifically in one area because they have been labelled as ‘Westminster Palace’ so we do not get mixed up of which scenes are which London Sight.




By selecting the shot or shots which I want to label, I highlight those clips and click the ‘Key’ icon which brings up a dialogue box to name those shots. After I name it “Westminster Palace” it will save that keyword, so if I need to label another shot that same word, it will already have it saved.

At this point, me and Mehul sat down and just how on our storyboard we planned on how to tell the story, for example: London Bridge shots transiting to London Eye….we click the shots of the London Eye, London Bridge which shows a green bar indicating that these are the ‘faviourite’ shots.

So we just clicked on the shot, dragged it onto our timeline and edited the next shots to make it flow as part of a story, as the video in our Library contains videos of us talking, members of the public who may walk infront of camera or members of the public being silly and asking me “How much did I buy the camera for?” when I am clearly and obviously  recording……what is your problem! I am recording this and your talking over the footage”.

Don’t you think its annoying? its so irritating….trust me :/


Anyways, there is more of this film to edit in terms of conversation and there are specific techniques which I learnt and I will update you what I have done to make my conversation between myself and my consciencous flow. :p



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