Editing – The Art of the Cinema! :p

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen!! Blueprint Productions has now officially reached the important stage of the production process where all our footage is to be edited to make the film in setting out the narrative, locations, characters and emotions etc…

THE ART OF THE CINEMA….ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh 😉

This is the most exciting part which we have all been waiting for!  You will see a lot of screen shots being put to show you our process of the Editing Process!


Final Cut Pro X is the new professional editing software which we will use for our short film!

It is created by Apple which is an update on a previous software of Final Cut, however its functions and layout is similar to iMove which I have used last year for my Opening to a Thriller Film

Final Cut Pro X is what they use in the REAL World! I may portray to you that Blueprint Productions is a real production company, it is not a company with a huge budget and having a separate editing department!

Hope you enjoy these updates for our filming!

Before we even started filming and picked up a camera, the Maintaince Manager introduced us to this software and gave us an introductory tutorial on how Final Cut works by showing us two video clips of someone explaining different functions within Final Cut.

We after this small introductory of the main features were given a task of editing a previous film’s intro sequence. I am sure you must recognise this from the previous year group’s advanced production with this specific film ‘Dear Dad’ going onto winning a Limelight Award!!

The intro sequence which was extremley creative in using titles within the diagetic world of the film, for example: the Director was written on a small whiteboard which the central character rubs out.

The most creative title was the title of ‘Cinematogropher’ which came up on the window gradually appearing with each letter at a time speeded up.

Our task was to in order, and exactly the same edit this footage. It is to test our endurance of the functions of Final Cut, and also make us endure what the girl’s of NARS Productions went through, which is also a fairly new production company set up in the Autumn of 2011. However I must say that my production company is not in competition with theirs as they are our contempory which inspired us to be creative, and also inspired other companies which were set up this year.

I better leave you to it to get on with the Editing in order for me to update you……Tooodless xxx

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