Filming Day 3 and Day 4

The main storyline of our short film which includes the central character upset about his girlfriend who has died and he really misses her but then the twist at the end is that he is the murderer.

Yesterday and the day before, we had scheduled to film the main scene of our short film which will include me walking into the kitchen and getting a glass of water, and going to the cupboard looking through photographs to indicate to the audience that I miss my girlfriend because she has died.

Filming the conversation

As you may know that I have an experience in Acting as I am an A-level Drama student. So I know exactly what is expected of an Actor, and this is what puts Blueprint Productions to an advantage to other Production companies in our establishment. It is that we do not have a problem with casting and choosing a suitable actor who would adapt to the character. I am a brilliant performer with a variety of different techniques which I workshop to get into the role of a character, and so can adapt to the role of the central character better than any other person who is undertaking A-level Media.

I learnt my lines well before we started filming our scene as it is necessary for dialogue to be successful in films for it to be rehearsed, to make editing much easier.

At our first attempt, we had the difficulty in how to film because I was not entirely sure how we will be able to edit both character’s (same actor)  dialogue.  However, we then made a decision that I will say all my lines to camera for one character and then switch places and say the replies to the lines.

UPDATE –  8th December 2012

There was a significant change to the standard of our film so I decided to shoot the conversation again  by re-developing the script because I felt that it wasn’t compatible to what I wanted to portray to the audience. Also, Ella who is the Maintenance Manager at Wanstead Media advised us with her expertise of film that some scenes are too ‘obvious’ to the viewer. For example: There was a scene in which I take the photograph, bury it in the garden and placing a stone which reads “R.I.P Laura Goodwin 1983 – 2012” this she said was me thinking of the audience as ‘stupid’ when I should be thinking of them having a degree of intelligence.

You must agree Ladies and Gentlemen that you are not stupid and will understand the basic themes which we show you in our film. So I must be  apologetic to giving that impression within this filming process :p

Other problems: We also had other problems in which the Chief Executive Mrs Warner had a look at our film and gave us in hindsight how the film which we have constructed does not work, and the narrative is too confusing so we had to think of ideas to make it better. So I and Mehul both decided that we shall buy sympathy cards and, I after drinking water come and read a card while a few flashbacks of a graveyard and me visiting a grave which indicates to the audience that someone has died and he is really sad. This builds up an emotional catharsis which is the purpose of my short film, however the twist at the end which we struggled to show was that he is the murderer and all of the short film including this seemed confusing to many people.

ADVICE: She also gave professional advice on how we should attempt to film the conversation, and advised that I should speak to the Director Mehul who is off-camera as my other half. For example:

Louis’s voice says “You could have changed?” (this is to be said by Mehul off-camera)

Louis: (me) replies instantly “Maybe she didn’t want to change, I tried my best to make her happy”

The whole conversation will flow easier and it will be more effective as I am reacting more realistically.


I have scheduled to film this on Thursday 13th December 2012.

Cheeerss and see ya later alligator 😉 You will hear more from BLUEPRINT PRODUCTIONS on the filming process xxxx

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One thought on “Filming Day 3 and Day 4

  1. I am really plaesed to see you keeping a diary of your filming experiences and evaluating success and problems involved/. Great to see some of your rushes too. You have been very tenacaious and resilient with this project. Well done. Ms W

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