Filming 23rd and the Weekend….

We on Friday 23rd December filmed a scene in which we organised to include two characters as police officers in our short film to signify the fact that the central character in the film has murdered his girlfriend, and someone noticed in the nehibourhood that she has been missing. So the police pull up outside the house and the central character hears the car and runs upstairs. After a few moments, the police rush in to the house and are looking for the man who is responsiable for the murder of his girlfriend and end up in the backgarden with all the lights switching off.

This scene in which police arrive in the central character’s house because it was reported to them that Louis murdered his girlfriend was unacceptable for our short film which I realized after thinking about it. It comes across to be to much of being a thriller which I do not want to portray. So as the Producer, I had to take a leadership role within the group and make a decision to scrap the idea and tell Director Mehul Laxhman to scrap it, because we would be revealing to much to the audience.


I also decided on this day that the two London sights is a lack for our short film and an iconic London sight which is London Bridge has been left out and Mehul decided not to film that because he assumed it would be enough footage.Westminster-Palace-Westminster-London

So I scheduled myself to go up London on Saturday 24th November 2012 @ 20: 35 to film London Bridge and take more shots of a different angle of Westminster Palace from the position where BBC or Sky News broadcast Live from.

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