22nd November – Filming Day 1

Today was the first official Filming Day which I organised as the Producer of Blueprint Productions.

I had to co-operate within my team member Mehul as he was extreamly reliable and very committed in getting this filming completed so we are on track for the deadline.

We first of all decided to film the outside of Mehul’s house with his car which was the establishing shot and also create a mess of the room in which the main character is sleeping. The effect which I am planning to do is a very clever trick which we will use in which the camera zooms into the window and transits to an inside view of the house. This is to make the audience imagine while they are viewing the film that they have entered the house and now entering the life of this central character.

You might be wondering that what is the meaning of this….

Well, let me tell you that when YOU watch a film or a programme on T.V, but you as the viewer are peering and spying onto the life of the characters. So exactly like this, the audience of this short film are being nosy and looking into the life of this central character, so therefor I am explicitly encouraging them to do that by having this effect.

However, as Team Work is extremly important to the success of a production company and if one member who might not be bothered, that can slightly affect the performance of the group. However, luckily we are not a professional film production company with a budget to produce this film, which means if the workload or responsiabilities of a specifc role fall onto other members of the group, we can cope.  I as the Producer did not let us fall behind as we just worked out a schedule in order to get the filming completed.

Mehul who is a very committed member of the team actually took his initiative in making sure that tasks of filming were done to efficiently, however Aliya who was given the role as cinematogropher did not get involved in any part of filming because she didn’t organise her time and let us down.

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