Storyboard Plan

Storyboard is the main plan for our short film in which we are acting as the Editor at the beginning of the Production process. Even though, we haven’t embarked on filming yet. This is to help us draw out a basic outline of what shots we will film for specific areas of the story. For example: Intro sequence to London Sights using the main tourist attractions of London Bridge, London Eye and Westminster Palace/Big Ben.

For my production planning, we had a few problems in drawing out the storyboard which was an essential part of the Planning process. As the Producer, I had to take the initiative and draw out the storyboard on the whole weekend because our filming schedule which was planned by our investor Wanstead Media gave us a blueprint for our 2 weeks of filming to be between 12th November 2012 – 23rd November 2012 (slight adjustment of the weekend of 24th/25th, if we haven’t finished all our filming due to problems which we would have found.

Throughout the break of half term, I placed the responsiability of the cinematogropher of my group to construct the basic outline of the storyboard and send it through to me by email, as that is the purpose of her position. She didn’t do what she was asked and in a real production studio, the Producer of the group who would have found out her mistake & would have taken discipliniary action against her and fired her. I was very angry because throughout the whole 1 week break, she didn’t do no work for Blueprint and let me and the company down.

On the week beginning of the 12th November when we had a scheduled meeting with Wanstead Media and the Cheif Executive:  Mrs Melanie Warner was present to finalise our storyboard, shot by shot list and script to sign us off with the equipment to film…..You must be now wondering that hang on, does Blueprint Productions have a relationship with Warner Bros Studio? :s looool, no I’m afraid we don’t, that would be a very cool idea to have but it is just a concidence  that her surname is Warner, though she has no relationship with the 4 Warner Brothers. Something easily to be mistaken LOOOL xx

Anyways, back on topic….Alia let the group down and Blueprint Productions is behind schedule so I took her responsiability away because it is unfortunate that she didn’t take her initiative to get the task done. The weird thing is, she doesn’t have any other committment :/ I on the other hand am a professional Actor who has a tight schedule with Wanstead Theatre as they are putting on a show called “Guys & Dolls: The Musical” She has no excuse of putting on this show.

WARNING: I have no talent at being an artist and have no interest in becoming one…so you might think of my drawing as being….”S***” but I don’t care of your opinion mate because I tried my best, as long as I understand what is going on which the Director could use as a blueprint to use as a stimulus for his creativity whilist filming. It is fine :p

Picture 018

Page 1.  – This shows the intro sequence for our short film and luckily it will not change because the Chief Executive liked it…Hooorahh!


Picture 019

 It is exactly difficult to read the writing as the quality of the scanned storyboard is poor.

But baiscally, the storyboard outlines the essential shots to develop the sequence of the shots of the house, inside the house where I am sleeping.


Left Hand; Middle Box contains a pan shot which has cut from the window to the living room in a messy postion.



5th Shot as you can see more clearly, with a stickman standing up. This is a long shot showing the whole of my body getting up from the sofa, and looking around.

 Picture 020

These bits of the shots shows you the areas in which Louis is remembering his girlfriend who has died, with a couple shots of flashbacks of a funeral, them spending time together. This will be the main storyline of the film as this is where the audience feel the most sympathy for the character. However, that is not what the whole truth is. It is there to build up the doubt for the audience that what they see in films is not what they should expect because there is a lot of things which are to be revealed…….

So that is the end of my storyboard planning! Lets get into the sexy part of Production in which all the fun is to be 😀 the jokes of the whole process!


19th November 2012!!

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