Health and Safety

In professional media workplaces, before a production is carried out there is a great risk assessment which is carried out to make sure that the workplace is in line with Health and Safety Regulations.

Blueprint Productions will be liable for any damage which is done to equipment or any risk of injury to staff who carry out any duties which results in them hurting themselves. So as the Producer, I need to make sure that there is no danger to my crew and cast when filming.

The Health and Safety legislation applies to all work within the United Kingdom weather they are conducted by UK Nationals or foreigners and even people who might not be paid for their work. This clearly indicates that Health and Safety legislation is aimed at us aswell

Health and Safety within the Production of Blueprint

  • Trip to Central London in which there is congestion of traffic on roads, we must be careful in moving between locations and how we get there safely. For example: we could use a bus to get from London Bridge to Westminster Bridge instead of walking and crossing roads which could be dangerous.
  • Be careful of our belongings as we will be in a public space in which all types of people are present, and we must be vigilant to danger of someone wanting to steal the camcorder or mug us because they will assume that we have a lot of cash if we are carrying a camcorder around.

Another safety hazard in the use of knives in our location for the twist at the end. Sharp objects will be a danger if they are not used in the appropriate way.


I Hamza Kazmi, Producer of Blueprint Productions endevour to fulfill all the Health & Safety Requirements which are legislative by law and make sure that everyone is safe within the 2 weeks of filming.

Signed: Hamza Kazmi

Producer of Blueprint Productions

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