Final Proposal of Film Short

Short Film Proposal

After my initial idea which I presented to my crew, they each put their input in on what the storyline and what we should include. However, there wasn’t much changes proposed by the other members as they all seemed to like the idea, which meant it is now my responsibility to officially verify it as Blueprint Production’s Short Film Proposal which we will take forward.

Name:  In My Arms (We finalised this on the final day of Editing on 13th December 2012)

Working Title: In My Arms

Idea or Theme

Emotional theme of losing someone very precious, and feeling guilty of them not being here anymore. You regret your past but you want her back. However, beneath the surface of this theme is something very cruel and wicked and it isn’t what you might be expecting for the central character to be like. You will be shocked 😉 :p

Outline of narrative

Louis and his girlfriend Laura have been living together for a couple years, they met together at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, and fell in love. Louis however did not have much time on his hands and just kept on focusing on his worklife and recently kept on having arguments with Laura because she was getting very annoying. She is now dead and this is where our story starts.

There is first an intro sequence of the start of the short film being shown in London with all the main tourist attractions, and in fast motion you follow a car driving down the road travelling to the Louis’s house. He wakes up, and remembers these images from earlier, he keeps having these images as soon as he wakes up of Laura’s funeral, him at her grave after they have buried her. He is getting ready and has more flashbacks of him and Laura spending time together. After he has a drink of water, he goes to his cupboard and takes out an album of photographs and is very upset and misses Laura.      He is remembering all the good memories he had with Laura, he wants her back and loved her very much. He puts his head in his hands, he hears someone speak and looks up to himself speaking to him. His own conscience tells him that Laura is now dead and he can’t do anything about it. His conscience tells him that he should have changed but Louis says she didn’t want to but he really wants her back. His voice however is very defensive of Louis because he looks out the window and tells him how the neighbor is getting nosy, and tells Louis he better sort himself out and get everything fixed. The audience at this point will think, sort out your drinking problem but the reality is that his voice is saying, he better get rid of the t-shirt because he will get caught if he isn’t careful. At the end when Louis stands up and walks into the kitchen, the music changes to being gentle to very sinister with the central character coming out and wearing black gloves before handling the contents of a carrier bag. He takes out a shirt with blood marked and throws it into the washing machine in order to wash away his crime so no one will suspect him as the murderer. At this point, the audience are shocked because throughout the film they felt sorry for him but realise that he is the culprit and is the murderer of Laura.

Style and genre influences

The type of genre which it falls into is tragedy because it is emotional and the audience will feel a strong sense of emotion within themselves when they watch this short film. It will get them to think about their own life and realise that they should appreciate what they got.

This is the mask of tragedy which is used in theatre and the arts.



    These major London sights are going to be shown within the opening sequence during night which will change during the day before entering into the main plot which will take place in Louis’s house. The reason why I want this to be shown is to signify that Louis was in London during the night, but also it is a creative way to start the short film and introduce the star and production crew.

This intro sequence is a pastiche of Khal Ho Na Ho, which is the Indian Bollywood film which I have included in my earlier blogs, as I like the way they have used the setting to introduce the film, its much more creative than just writing out the names on black screen, but the audience will see shots of interesting features from London.

Other Locations are at Mehul’s house, which is where the main storyline shall be set.


I will be the main actor who stars in the film and will be the character of Louis, and another member of our Media class called Hollie-Ann I would use for the photographs of Laura Goodwin as she is a really sweet loving girl, whose personality is suitable for Laura. Also she is committed and would happily be in it for her image to be used and is the most organised from everyone.

Props/costume/make up

  • Photograph album which contains pictures of Louis and Laura.
  • Casual clothes which Louis wears and trainers(blue vans)


  • Digital camera (which the Media Department at my educational establishment will provide).
  • Apple Mac PCs which are available for us to use to complete our production and edit our short film
  • Tripod
  • Charger
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One thought on “Final Proposal of Film Short

  1. A good detailed overview of the key elements of the film. How did you resilve the earlier planning issues and problems? Ms W

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