Initial Idea for Short Film

First of all, it was a long experience of thinking of an original and creative idea which will make an impact upon the audience, and keep them thinking after our short film has finished.

I thought of an idea but when I brought it foward to the group and seeked some feedback from my teacher, she said that it is extremley long. Miss Warner said “Oh this is too long, its taking you more than 5 mins to explain the idea, this shows it will take you more than 5 mins to show it”

After I shared it with the class, another member of the whole group called Hollie also said “What? its taking even long to explain it, so its deffintly more than 5 mins.

Here is my first inital idea which I outlined on 7th October 2012

You might feel that the font is too small, if you press Ctrl and scroll upwards on your mouse, the image will enlarge itself so you can read the contents.

    However, this initial idea does continue on a separate sheet but I decided to not post that because you get the idea that it is a very long idea, which would take more than 10 minutes to show, when my brief is to produce a 5 minute short film, and target to HIT the 5 mins as close as we can.

Initial Idea (Changed + Developed)

Similar to before, if you cannot read the contents to the document scanned, please press Ctrl on your keyboard and scroll upwards to enlarge the image.

The factors which I had to bear in mind when coming up with these ideas and changing, developing was:

  • Timing of the Short Film (It can only be 5 mins in length)
  • Locations
  • Casting
  • Props/Costume
  • Budget – We do not have any sort of budget as it is part of an educational establishment however, if we were a real production company within the Film Industry we would at least need a budget of £2,500.

Next Up from Blueprint Productions is the FINAL Proposal Sheet which will outline the FINAL decision for our Short Film to start planning the script, storyboard, camerashots, and preparing for the creative section of our Production.

See you soon 🙂

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