Blueprint Production Crew!

Blueprint Products – Bringing you new films at the heart of entertainment đŸ˜€

I am proud to announce the crew and their positions which they are responsiable for.

Producer of Blueprint – Hamza Kazmi (me)

I am the individual who is the key manager within the production and have the control of the budget, cast, health + safety precautions, legal and ethical questions and oversees tasks are done in prepartion for the short film. Booking the equipment such as cameras. Make sure permissions are asked from institutions to film on their property, and produce a schedule of filming dates and make sure that all the members of the crew turn up.

I selected the Director to direct my short film and chose:

Mehul Laxhman – Director of (insert title of film)

and also last but not least, I chose for a Director of Photography. He will also take the role of Cinematographer and responsiable for filming scenes in which I will act in.

However, in terms of directing I will also take the role of directing of how I want specific parts of the film to be shown.

The Director of Photography’s responsiability is to take a lead role in the development of the storyboard and input creative ideas on what shots will be best for us to use, and work with the Director to pass on his directions to the camera operater to film, and advise the director what angle should be taken of a shot to spark more creativty which the director might not have thought of before, so the cinematographer has the insight of controlling more creativity.

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