The art of short films…Enjoying the Entertainment :)

To get an idea of how short films are like, there are many websites which we accessed to watch proffessional short films to get Inspiration and an idea of how to develop our own idea of a short film.

This Short Film called Colour bleed is a film which another member doing the course had done a presentation on, and I took the initative to look into it and found it very interesting.

   Please follow the link below to watch the film.


 This camerashot of the building is fantastic and its a successful short film because the twist at the end has made an impact upon me. I was left thinking that ‘Life is a precious beautiful gift’ We should always appreciate life.

It has inspired me for my idea as the theme for my short film also reflects upon life and appreciting what you have. I will colloborate with my group to have the same impact on the audience as ColourBleed.

The short film ends with this image being printed on the wall, which is the impact or blueprint of the young girl and her passion of art. She is shown to be very artistic, colourful and creative. When she dies, it has this huge humming bird printed on the building. There is a symbolic meaning to the humming bird which the original member of our course who presented this film said “Its a symbol of new life” I agree with her because I also understand from watching this short film that, the cruelty of the  old woman behind the desk symbolises her hatred for ‘art’ as she looks at the girl and the camerashot at that point pans up and down. This shows the audience that she cannot bear someone who is so artistic and colourful and wants to make the world a happy, beautiful place to live while she suffers from this disease.


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