Wider films and Directors which are inspirational

This blog today is going to be dedicated to the Professionals working within the Film Industry. The Entertainment industry in general is a very crowded business and extremely competitive and if you do not acquire the competency which is needed or the enthusiastic drive, leadership and nerve to work hard then it isn’t for the weak hearts…..To those of you who may be dreaming of opening up a film production company and thinking you will make millions. Let me assure you that is not the case, I am not trying to crush your dreams…I am only being realistic, if you think that it is an easy way of making money then you are in cookoo land mate. Your production company should be called Pipe Dreams 😉 :p

Anyways, as I have been looking into the Film Industry and learning the different types of skills which are required to be successful and also what roles/responsibilities there are in producing a film, I have been inspired by many Directors because of my own experience of films. As I have already told you, I am a huge Harry Potter fan :D! The Director of the last 4 films of the series David Yates is my favorite director because the creativity he has shown to produce fantastic products which have smashed the blockbuster records of billions of pounds inspires me. He started off as a ordinary director, films which had lower budgets but then was chosen by the Producer of Harry Potter films David Heyman .

He was a Director who started off directing Short Films, feature films and television production. He rose to great prominence after he directed the final four films of the Harry Potter series. The reason why he is an inspiration because he is a director who has experience not just directing feature films for a Hollywood Studio but has experience in directing short films, and television which both need different sets of skills and creativity as they have different audiences. For example: Television depends on the type of drama which is being produced and is targeted at families with a different taste of screen entertainment.

He has been nominated for a variety of different Awards:

  • BAFTA Award for Best Short Film.
  • Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing for a Miniseries, Movie or Dramatic Special
  • People’s choice Award for Best European Film.

For my short film, I would like to develop my creativity and grab the attention of my audience just the way David Yates does it, he has this style which he works with the actors on the set and develop an idea as a group and eventually make his idea even better with other people’s input. I do believe that a director and his creative input is enhanced while working within a team, so I may have an idea for a specific scene but that scene will develop with ideas from the cinematographer, producer and actor but it is the Director’s responsibility to lead the team and channel everyone’s creativity so ideas do not explode everywhere, making it difficult to completing the task.

I have watched many films in my own time which I have loved, and I have watched many films produced by Bollywood companies which is equivalent to the Indian Hollywood.

This specific film called ”Khal Ho Na Ho” is a feature length film which the narrative outlines a romance between 2 actors but he has to deny that he is in love with this girl and lies that he is married. But in all honesty, the woman he claims to be married with is his doctor because he has a condition of which he will die very soon. He has a hole in his heart, and his doctor or supposed to be ‘wife’ is working hard to get him treated. However, the girl who is the main character is devastated when she finds out that this guy whom she has fallen in love with is already married, at the same time she doesn’t realise that her best friend is also in love with her. With the help of the other guy, he tries various different techniques in portraying a message in which the girl understands he loves her. After finally she understand his love, goes to meet him one night and he is ready with flowers and proposes to marry her.

The reason why this film has inspired me is because apart from the romance, problems in family, friendship etc..It has a direct impact on the audience. My experience and anyone who has watched this film has experienced an emotional level of catharsis. It is extremely emotional when the main character who is played by Sharukh Khan is in hospital and has very little time to live.
It teaches us that life is precious, our friendships are precious and we need to value life. The reason of me intending to produce my short film is to have this direct impact to anyone who watches my short film to feel a strong emotional catharsis and to value life, and the people whom you love and share a connection with.

Please DO NOT WATCH the full 10 mins. Stop watching after 3mins has passed.

I am choosing this clip from the film which is the beginning is because I want to create a Pastiche of this within my own short film.

You will notice as your watching that as it is showing the city of New York, the credits are appearing, and life is going at extra fast space. The effect of the day/night happens within seconds, and I want this to be the start of my short film to give an indication that the main character has had a night out in Central London before the narrative of the film starts.

Pastiche is a piece of writing, music, film etc.. that is deliberately made in the style of someone or something else. The introduction of New York City being shown and the fast shutter effect is deliberately going to be used within my short film where I will showcase major London sights and use the same effect.

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