Further research of Short Films

Change of Heart – Muslim Short Film

This short film which teaches everyone and not just those of the Islamic faith that everyone makes mistakes and you can’t judge someone based upon their background.

Its produced by an Islamic production company called West Dawn Media Inc. The Director and Writer of this film is Jonathan Abdilla. They had a limited budget to produce it and they specialise in Digital Cinema Production.

The narrative of this short film is effective in a sense that it makes the audience think exactly about their life and their relationship with other people. It teaches us that we must not judge others of the wrong they have committed in their life, because we are also not perfect.

My favorite quote which Maryam says to her husband “I don’t expect you to accept me for who I was, but accept me for who I am”  – It made me think that we need to accept everyone who are just like us and we need to think of them as people who may become a new person from the person they were.

It has inspired me for my own short film, because the theme which I want to portray will reflect that you must respect everyone, treat people just how you want to be treated. Also, any regrets which you made in the past are in the past and you may feel bad about it but that time is over, all you can now do is learn to appreciate others.

This is a simple and extremely effective in portraying its message of Life and Death. An amazing short film which teaches us that our life which is valuable and precious to us must be taken care of because we are accountable to a higher power. I love this short film better than ”Change of Heart” because I relate to it and appealed to it. In today’s society, we may act and hear things such as ”Come on man, stop being so boring and have some fun” “Lets go out and enjoy ourselves” and you might reply “Oh no, my parents won’t allow me as it is too late at night and they’ll get angry” and your friend will say “Who cares man, YOLO!!” You need to enjoy your life and make the most of it because YOLO ini, You Only Live Once.

You Only Live Once is a simple motto which was created by a famous music artist who everyone loves, #Drake. Girls think he is damn right sexy and want a guy like him and he and his #YOLO motto got a lot of attention through social media. There’s a twitter page called #YOLO.  Mostly everyone will create #YOLO tweets. Hot girls going to a club will tweet “Going off to @FacesEssex, gonna be a mad night out with the girls #YOLO”

Boys will tweet “Going off to faces and gonna get on them hot chicks at the club, lets get on it boys #’YOLO”

It is however unfortunately not all about #YOLO sorry guys, if you were thinking that. You might be living your life and taking everything for granted because you genuinely believe that when you die, you rot and there is nothing after that, then you are in some serious trouble.

This short film is a lesson to everyone and its narrative which may show the audience, this guy lives his life and loves himself. He is an inspiring athlete, university undergraduate, loves to socialise but is also a Muslim who believes in Life after Death. This has made me think about my own life because me personally, I am a typical boy who uses twitter to socialise with my friends. I will now confess my social media life on here but don’t mind, I am perfectly happy with that.

As you may know, I, Hamza aspire to go off to university to study History and Political Science, and I am well excited about the whole university experience. I constantly tweet and have sometimes posted similar tweets such as “Ohh, I am well excited about freshers! Gonna be a madone getting smashed #YOLO” Or I may tweet “Freshers is gonna be MAD LIVE! Gonna fuck bare girls…going to be a #YOLO ting” or “University is the life of #YOLO woooo” You get my point, I unlike many people use the #YOLO term quite frequently and even though I am a Muslim and many Muslims believe they will die and go to an afterlife. Never the less, we still ‘suspend our disbelief’ and live in a way that goes against our faith, which is what this short film challenges us. It has made me realise that I am being stupid. Islam is not all about just praying and not having a social life, no it encourages us to have a social life but it also teaches us to be sensible and stay within our limits. This #YOLO nonsense will destroy us and our relationship with the almighty God. We can’t use it to our advantage of our lives and take part in illegal activity, or have sex for the sake of it because a girl is precious and we must respect them. We at the end of the day will pay the consequences of our actions.

Final Comment, this short film is true in the sense that #Drake’s #YOLO is NOT the motto. God’s #YOLT is the REAL motto.


Peace out 🙂 Hope you have learnt something through this and remember #YOLT.


Love Does Grow on Trees

This short film of 11 minutes long is a comedy, as the young boy is portrayed to be naieve because he has discovered something which gives him this feeling. Just by reading the title, you will begin to wonder what the narrative of this short film because we all begin to have our perceptions.

This poster which is of the short film, clearly might give us an impression of what the young boy is going through because we might think of him falling in love with this girl and he has never fallen in love before, and he could be seeing her everywhere.

However, the narrative structure is very different to what you might be thinking, the story of the short film narrates of a young boy in the 1950s discovering pornography and naked women in magazines. He has just discovered that it gives him this feeling within himself and sexually arouses him. You will see him discovering the magazine articles which are flying around, just how the poster shows and he is trying to grab them and takes them into his room and its humerous the way he take his trousers off because we all know that he wants to mastubate over the women.



We find it funny because in this day and age, it isn’t surprising for a young boy old as the character in this film to be surprised of pornography. He is of 12 and there are many 12 year olds today who are mature and have watched pornography or have access to magazines. Also the technology which allows them to access this much more quickly has changed children over time.


Enjoy the following short film and a short film must make the audience question of what the narrative is about, similar to creating suspense in a thriller but different in a way that it lets the audience create their own perception of what is going to happen next. For example: by reading the name, you question what the short film is about, but as soon as you start watching it, it changes and then it will keep changing until the end.

Love does grow on trees

As a result this follows Torodov’s theory of Equiliberium > Disruption (him sitting at the bus stop and the magazine articles just hitting him in the face with the girl next to him confused of what is going on) > New Equiliberium which is when he sits at the bus stop expecting the girl he’s in love with to come, but she doesn’t end up coming and the humour is, it was all his imagination that he is in love with this imaginary girl 😀 loooool

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