Narrative Structure of Film Shorts

On the 11th June 2012 – We came back straight after our AS Level exams and they went really well actually and we were feeling confident we had done well. We commenced A2 Study and got introduced to the second year of our course and what we will be doing.

Narrative can be seen as particular arrangements within a structure. The events which take place within the narrative of a film can be chronological or might be a bit more complex. As Alfred Hitchcock described that the ‘art of the cinema’ which he was referring to editing was where we can take the narrative of the story and re-structure the narrative to the way we want the audience to watch it.

Narratives allow the time within a film to be organised in a meaningful way. A typical film lasts 2 hours but the actual timescale might be much longer. Narratives often use ellipsis (where something the audience does not see or is missed out or edited).

The Narrative of a film is very important and we as a group will spend a lot of our focus on the narrative because a short film must have a perfect narrative which  flows and can be understood by the audience.

Without the narrative, a film cannot be produced because you need a purpose for the film and what the film will be about. I want the narrative of my film to have a strong solid impact.

I aspire for the audience to be left thinking of their view on life and discuss with others their opinions and consider changing their attitudes to others. I want them to know that Life is precious and special.

Narrative Organisation 

We came across a Russian theorist called Tzvetan Todorov who suggests that all narratives in film follow a three part structure which is similar to narrative in a novel or short story which has a beginning, middle and end. A film he suggests that has an Equilibrium  which is a balance of a situation of relative calm and security within a film. There isn’t anything wrong. Then during the film, the narrative might change and you will get a Disruption which is provided by the characters or events in the film disturbing the balance. As the film tries to solve that Disruption and it gets solved, it turns into a New Equilibrium. A film can have many disruptions and many equilibriums forming until the end.

A short film narrative will run in the same way but the only difference is that the new equilibrium at the end will be a twist which may leave the audience thinking or make them laugh depending on the genre. Film shorts are designed to be strange and give us unexpected outcomes.

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