Creativity – what is it and how it can be developed?

We explored the art of Creativity when we began on this brief and discussed what creativity is and how somone can be Creative. Our aim was to think and get in a mindset as a real film production company and when thinking of an idea for our short film, to think outside the box and be original.

There are many definitions for Creativity and we discussed a few of which may relate to us.

“the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships etc… and to create meaningful new ideas, forms and imagination” – From this we were thinking that being creative is to be unique as we think of ideas which someone might not originally think of and also we can use ideas around us to bring about an idea.

We were given a task to place ourselves on a creativity scale.


1.       2.        3.       4.        5.        6.        7.       8.        9.       10

                                                                                      I placed myself at 6 for Creativity because I feel I may be creative but what I get from my peers or people I know outside school, they discourage me and say I am hopeless and not very creative. Most other people in our course group thought similar and placed themselves at either 4, 5 or 6 with the exception of Rejawan who thinks he is extremely creative and placed himself @ 8. Our teacher Miss Warner told us that she would place herself on a 9 for being Creative because she believes that she is very creative and thinks of unique and original ideas all the time, which seems to be realistic because she has been a Media teacher for a very long time and has experience of life.

After this brief exercise, we were told that this is a traditional trend for most students at the age of 17/18. They believe they are creative but not very much and are too harsh on themselves. The reason for this is because society has suppressed our prospects and made us feel that we are not creative and sucked all the creativity out of us. As a result of this we young people feel scared because from my own experiences this is true, as last year I might have said my initial idea for my 2min Thriller Film Opening, and my group peers made nasty comments such as “Oh hamza, your idea is absolute bullshit” and when I tried to continue to express more ideas, they suppressed me more and told me to shut up.


In my opinion – Creativity is a place in which you go into your own world and I enter this place all the time within my dreams as I am a huge Harry Potter fan. I am sorry to keep going on about it but I love Harry Potter and I the biggest fan you shall ever come across 😉 :p Within this world of being creative, I can enter that world and discover the real ME!

Creativity also requires one to let go of certainties and to take risks.

So, want more of Creativity? Then stay tuned in the indevelopment of our Short Film idea and you will be amazed of what our group comes up with. I believe it will be an excellent idea which will finally break the steryotypes of Wanstead Media Department’s Short Films they produce year after year. 😀 x

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