Blueprint Productions – The Start of Creativity

Bienvenue! Bienvenue! Beinvenu! Madame’s et Monsieur

Welcome! Welcome Welcome! Ladies and Gentlemen.

This is my new Blog and the reason I have made this blog is for my Advanced Production….Yes my dear friends..ADVANCED Production. My previous blog @ was for my Foundation Production Please do check out my previous blog and check out the 2min  Thriller Film Opening we have produced. Hopefully in the future when we are prospering, you might see the thriller opening in cinemas making huge money as already it has become a hit on YOUTUBE!!

I am moving forward and the Film Production company which I set up has got a lot more practice and will show off even more creativity (as this blog is named; The Start of Creativity! :p ooooohhhh 😉 )


Well lets get into the nitty gritty eh 😉 ;P 😀
My name is Hamza Kazmi…I am known as Hamza Eric Kazmi on the world of social media but just call me Hamza to make life easier.

1. What is you’re brief?

My Brief is to produce a 5 -8 min Short Film with a twist at the end to make the audience think of the narrative. Also, we can make it controversial to make the audience think more about what they are watching and question the society they live in.

2. What is your response to the brief?

My response to the brief is extremely excited as unlike last year, we were limited in terms of timing and genre and narrative because we only were being asked to produce an opening to a thriller film. Now the brief is even more challenging because we are being asked to create a WHOLE Film Short which is where we have to think about the narrative structure, enigmas and create a twist with any genre which we can choose and it can be up to 5-8mins long.

3. Who are you working with?

I am proud to announce that I have fully recruited my crew and it was a huge difficult decision but however, I am sure you will love them as the groups qualities are fantastic and there’s a variety of skills and strengths which each individual has.

My Group


&      Aliya

4. About me and Film

Well, I am just going to tell you a bit about myself as I know you might have missed me for many months because I am such an amazing person 😉 I am in Year 13 and hope you all had an amazing summer. London 2012 was totally amazing! The buzz around the Olympic games was totally amazing. It has inspired a generation and all of the athletes of #TeamGB have made us proud 😀

We as a team are currently in our indevelopment stage of thinking of a really great idea for our short film but when we are out of this phase and have an idea, then we shall get back to you very soon.

Stay Tuned to Blueprint Productions……….Toodles 😀

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